Saturday, August 1, 2009

To answer a question from Aaron about the adobe's, I bought them! I intended to make the adobe blocks at first, but found that the adobe dirt is down on the flats like at John's area. I bought the bricks from Rainbow adobe in Alpine. Steve Belardo builds adobe homes and has perfected a recipe that includes two kinds of cement and lime that stabilizes them. In the end I was glad I went that way because the amount of work that followed was almost too much for me! The floor was made from adobe dirt that I dug up down off the mesa , mixed with water, layered in 2 in. at a time to make a four to five in. thick floor. I did not try to keep the floor from cracking the way you are supposed to, except to keep it covered with a tarp for as long as possible. After it dried I filled the cracks and coated the floor with linseed oil. 100% then cut it 25% 50% and finally 75%. I have not sealed it with wax yet. I am going to try and find some early pix and add them to the blog. Hope this helps. Sorry it takes so long to update. Rusty

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