Wednesday, December 8, 2010

putting in the ribs and skin

I was able to return after two weeks back home. The backbone was in place so all I had to do was put in the ribs. I realize that four foot centers is not the norm, but the original build was done that way. With the addition of another beam to support the new roof, the area I was spanning only amounted to nine or ten feet on either side. After cross bracing, and the fact that I am using 10 " floor joists as rafters, I think I can keep this roof on. The references to Frankenstein is only because I am taking a dead house , adding parts from other dead buildings to create a new living breathing entity. I am hoping for a mild winter so I can return and finish putting her in the dry. I also hope to have her habitable by the end of next year. Not too much to tell from this trip. Enjoyed Regina's B-day party. Got to visit with Casey and Sara and saw the new additions to their place. Visited Arick for awhile along with Eva, Jerry, John, Dave, Jo, Larry, Don, Curtis, Dennis, Debbie at one time or another. I went by Jerry and Jane's place and met Morgan, their son. Went to Beechies to deliver an old state judge plate from Judge John Jackson's car for his collection. Saw David and Greg and the progress the are making is amazing. Hope to get the Baja Bug going while I am home. The adobe was working quite well and was comfortable the whole time. Sealed up some air leaks around the windows and doors and with the help from Eleanor's wood burner I was snug as a bug. Jan Jackson and her husband John came by to see me and left a ton of food. There was so much I was able to share with others. Eleanor and I ate togeather twice. I had Jo and Larry up to eat along with the girls. Jo invited me, along with Johnny & Sandy (friends that were visiting) to their Thanksgiving dinner. She and Melissa, her friend from Houston prepared the most wonderful dinner I have had in a very long time. I am very fortunate to know such people. Thank you so much. Seeya.......Rusty

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

started on rock house

Armed with materials aquired from David Barber, Mike Hamilton and a demolition in WinonaTx. I decided to tackle the little problem of fixing the roof on the Rock house. I finaly figured out a good design and think it is time to start. I ripped out the old windows and added some rock work so the wood I had would work out. With the help of Jan Jackson and my lovely wife, we installed another support beam to help hold up the roof. I am planning on returning soon to put in the rafters and decking. all of the wood is used so it is more difficult to work with, but the price is right. The owl is one of two that had taken up residence in the last year or so. I have also seen a fox in the house resting up on the wall.

Monday, July 5, 2010

June 2010

My daughter Bailey K and I have returned from the June excursion with tales of heat, humidity, and infestation! Five weeks ago, Bailey K, R. Ayrton, an artist named Ryan and myself arrived to find the adobe had been transformed into a beehive. Between the bees, the flying ants, the flying termites, conenose beetles and a large number of moths, scorpions, spiders, grasshoppers and the appearance of "the wind scorpion" or as I call it "the wind fury," we had our hands full. The ever intrepid Ayrton dispatched the rather large and perfectly formed bee hive on the first night, with the aid of a hillbilly bee suit we fabbed up on the fly. The remaining days and weeks were spent defending the adobe from further infestation. We got some work done too. Adding metal to the sides of the pole barn to enclose the trailer and water tanks was done to further achieve the "old tin building" effect. More work is required there. On the next trip, I guess. Ryan and Ayrton left after the first week. Bailey and I forged on. Bouyed by a party at Phil and Regina's, visits with Casey and Sara, a pot luck at the Ranch, and various distractions to Study Butte and Alpine, not to mention the Grub Shack. We survived the record temps and produced some watercolors to boot. Found the parts and assembled " Travis" and "Mouscorpion." We have trapped over 5000 gal. of water and it is the beginning of rainy season. So after a rough start, we pulled it out on the big end, and were glad to return to our respective loved ones. Ayrton and I wrecked out wood from the Rock house to use on the tin bldg. Soon the work will begin in earnest on the "Rockhouse".............R

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

water barn

Just got back from the desert. I am building a water barn/cover for the trailer/water catchment system. Most of the material used was scrounged in East Texas. The wood came from an old building that Kelly Barber and I wrecked out a year or so ago. Other wood used came from Baird tire when they moved. It was the old tire racks. The pipe was given to me by David Barber and other metal used was scrounged over the last few years from various places. The metal roof was the only new material used on this project. Not only will the roof catch water and protect the trailer, it will also appear to be an old metal building when I get the sides on. I have been scrounging used tin when I can find it. I think it will help with the image I am going for. Just a couple of old buildings out in the desert. With this new addition the trailer is much more comfortable. I may extend off the building for an area to park cars, trailers or bikes for looks and protection. I am heading back at the end of this month to continue work on this building and start on the "Rock House." This is a house about a mile from the adobe that was built in the 80's and had the roof blown off in a wind storm. stay tuned............R

Monday, January 18, 2010

Test drive

Well since last time I posted, my family and I went to test out the adobe house. We arrived right after Christmas and stayed a couple of weeks. We installed a wood burning stove that our neighbor, Eleanor Foster kindly gave us. The Adobe had lost 13 degrees in the weeks that I was home in East Texas, and was in the high 50's inside. Much colder outside. The stove saved the day and we cooked on it to boot! Ayrton made asphalt impregnated crochet strips to chink cracks with. We installed some tin in the shower, and repaired a leak in the plumbing. In general the house was quite comfortable and hovered in the high sixties to 70 degrees all week. We also dug a septic tank and plumbed that in. We built a table to sit and eat at and fixed up two more beds with mattress and bed clothes. My Mom Norma, came and was a great help . I need to improve the solar water heater and settle on a place for the solar panels. Do more wiring and strap down a couple of pipes but it is definitely livable!