Monday, May 27, 2013

Floors and ceiling

May, 2013  Just returned to visit with my sisters who came to Kilgore to see our mom. I also needed to go see our youngest up in Denton and help her with some welding that will be part of the long anticipated unveiling of the "Meatropolis" sculpture. The last two trips have been all about the ceiling. Using metal scrounged from a building in Stonewall, (just outside of Fredricksburg) some 2x6s from an old deck John Spradlin kindly gave us and more wood from the old Wylie farmhouse generously donated by the lovely Lisa. The building in Stonewall was hit by a tornado in 2001 and lost its roof. Mr. Alton Klein alowed Karol and I to take anything we could use from the old house for 150 bucks. Thank you Mr. Klein. I installed a 2 inch adobe floor in the bath and worked on the front room ceiling for a few weeks before Karol arrived and helped me finish the install. We began caulking the gaps (and there were many) and did some painting with some flat white given to us by Tessa Wingfield, thanks T.W. When we ran out of paint and caulk we transitioned to the master bedroom, emptied it of all the materials stored there and started another adobe floor. Karol is what we call here in the oilfield "a hand." She was matching me shovel for shovel and hung tough for what I affectionately call an old school "thrash." Three days of  brutal labor that would, in the end , give us another beautiful floor. After it dries we will oil it with linseed oil. I did this in the adobe house and was really pleased. Hope to finish this house by Christmas and some day have one Hell of a double house warming!  Heading out tomorrow for more abuse. Maybe it will have warmed up a little by the time I get back.................R