Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More floor

Spent most of June putting in adobe floors. Requires little thought and a lot of hustle. Shoveling the dirt from down on the desert floor into a truck, mixing it with water in a wheelbarrow, placing it on the floor, leveling and trowling. Then letting it dry and applying coats of linseed oil. I allow it to dry quickly and crack. Then I go back and fill the cracks. Not much else going on. I bought Jerry Brewster's VW dune buggy. And worked on it some. Got to visit with friends some. Returned for the big "Opening" that my "Girls" had in a "Dallas" art gallery. I will try and add some pictures. The opening was great and everyone had a good time. Ayrton's  Meattroplis has been in the works for amost two years. And I really am in love with one of  Bailey's new paintings. I am heading back in a week to try and get the water system going. There is water in the tanks, now to get it in the house. Seeya.........R