Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had to cut the last trip to work on the adobe project short.While I was on the project I applied linseed oil to the adobe floor. 100% at first then cut by 25% ,50% and 75%for three more coats, ending with a 25% linseed oil 75% thinner. This binds the adobe dirt and will be sealed with some kind of wax in the future. I allowed the adobe floor to dry quickly and in doing so had to deal with the cracking. I swept sifted adobe dirt into the cracks, then finished filling the cracks with a mix of linseed oil and adobe dirt. I filled the cracks then scraped them level.I scrapped the aluminum windows and built a custom set of frames that open up to allow full flow of the breeze, and look like the belong , at least better than the prefab. I went with the 1x6 boards to face the kitchen cabinets. I scrapped the boards out from a 100 year old building in Winona Tx. Roach glass in Alpine fitted the glass in my home made frames. The frames were made from the wood that was scrapped out of the deck that was replaced by my wifes sisters lakehouse. When she had it replaced, I asked her to have the builder leave the old deck wood at her house so I could have it. Of the wood that I have salvaged from other sites, This was the straightest and easiest to cut. It was redwood so it was easy to work, but is quite soft. I plan to use the original windows in another project. I hope to continue the project in a few weeks. While I was there I went to visit John at the Field Lab. It was instructional. An ambitious project indeed. Looks like the right man for the job. I have no doubt of the outcome.

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