Friday, October 19, 2012

I have not updated this blog from the last trip, I suppose, because I have blocked out much if it from my already feeble memory. Karol, once again, was an incredible asset to the project. Painting the roof and picking up the giant mess I have left behind in the building process. Although before we got started in earnest we did quite a bit of rock hunting. Well now, that is to say Karol was hunting for the terrestrial kind while I was on the hunt for meteorites. I am pretty sure I have found one at least. You would not believe how many rocks will stick to a magnet. I also found an incredible scraper/ knife. It is very old (maybe 8,000 years) according to Ring. Karol found an awsome flint hand axe! We mounted a meter can and disconnect, ran conduit, pulled wire and hooked up the breaker box inside the rock house. When the electric co. came out to hook us up we were then told to rip the boxes out so they could install their meter and disconnect. That is the short version. We did more reinforcing to the metal bldg. to keep it from blowing away. Did more experiments with white cement as a reflective coating for the adobe. Looks like we are just going to use white latex paint. The image to the right that looks like it might be the surface of some alien moon orbiting jupiter is in fact my butt..........with shingles. Note to self...don't get so stressed out over what people think about you. You might just break out with something! The other picture is of the national weather service background reflectivity radar. If you watch it you will see wierd stuff that does not make any sense. I think it is from the spraying. I have a computer full of images of the chemtrails. The "haze" is everywhere. Check at commercials now, sky is almost always hazy in them. ...look into it.  I'm heading back in a few days to continue the work. Don't know if I can get the rock house on line by the end of the year. When you bite off more than you can chew.....all you can do is chew!