Friday, August 14, 2009

Heading out again

Well have been home for a couple of weeks and am getting antsy to get back to the project adobe. I am going to build in the rest of the counter space, install a small propane stove and refrigerator. I will build in the bed frames and plan a table for the main room. My wife is making rag rugs and my daughters are gearing up to compete for wall space decorations. We all want to make the place unique but there is only so much space. I have an idea for a main room lighting fixture that I think will blend in well. Some guys from Houston ( David and Gregg) are building a straw bale house near me that is turning out real well. I think I will add some pictures of their place to show yet another method that works well in the desert. My wife has made bedspreads from silk remnants spun in Nepal. There will be splashes of color all around. Check back in a few weeks to see the new pix. Seeya.........R

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