Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall 2009 mesa project

I have returned from the project and can report that I have officially moved into the adobe from the trailer. It is pretty great. The adobe stays around 70 degrees regardless of the outside temp. I could not be more pleased. I was able to hook up the water lines, which I ran in copper and surface mounted for the look and ease of installation. I connected the drains for both sinks and installed a crude water heater on the roof that consists mainly of 50 or 60 ft. of 1 1/4 poly pipe attached to the roof with conduit straps. The refrigerator and stove are working and I have bedding now. 5 in. foam for the mattresses. I am experimenting with LED lighting but do not have anything permanent installed. I have met many interesting folks that are doing similar projects. I have made reference to John Wells, but not to be left out are Trevor Reichman, Eric, Kasey, Sara , Phil and Regina. There must be many more I am not aware of. I will be returning in Dec. with my family to test drive the adobe around Christmas. There will be more pix after that. It will look much different after the girls have had their way with it. ..........R