Wednesday, May 12, 2010

water barn

Just got back from the desert. I am building a water barn/cover for the trailer/water catchment system. Most of the material used was scrounged in East Texas. The wood came from an old building that Kelly Barber and I wrecked out a year or so ago. Other wood used came from Baird tire when they moved. It was the old tire racks. The pipe was given to me by David Barber and other metal used was scrounged over the last few years from various places. The metal roof was the only new material used on this project. Not only will the roof catch water and protect the trailer, it will also appear to be an old metal building when I get the sides on. I have been scrounging used tin when I can find it. I think it will help with the image I am going for. Just a couple of old buildings out in the desert. With this new addition the trailer is much more comfortable. I may extend off the building for an area to park cars, trailers or bikes for looks and protection. I am heading back at the end of this month to continue work on this building and start on the "Rock House." This is a house about a mile from the adobe that was built in the 80's and had the roof blown off in a wind storm. stay tuned............R