Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finishing touches

I am back and have posted som pix of the latest work. We are getting close to the point where we can stay in the house rather than the trailer. The adobe keeps its temperature more constant, and there is a lot more room. About two weeks into this trip, my wife Karol rode the train from Longview to Alpine. I picked her up and she helped me for two more weeks. We were able to install the kitchen counters , sink, fridge, stove, bed frames, bathroom sink, medicine cabinet, window seats and did more work on the windows. We covered the bar and counter with some old copper that was from a copper clad door. We wrapped the bar and kitchen wall, plus the other kitchen counters with some of the wood salvaged from a 100 year old building in Winona. The bathroom wall was covered by 1x12 pine from the same building. On my next trip I will attempt to hook everything up! Hope to take Mom and the whole family out at Christmas and try it out. Look for an update in a few weeks.................R

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