Wednesday, July 1, 2009

chloe's idea

This strange odd crazy freaky wierdo man kidnapped me and took me away to his hidden evil lair. It was horrible! He made me one of his robotic child slave units! I was number 24607. He forced me to move this giganto rock with children numbers 23489, 14567, and number 24618. It was a hard day. The heat rays of the sun beamed down on us like we were in a pit of fire! The work was strenuous. Every night he shackled us up. My wrists and ankles were in horrible pain. I couldn't sleep. I was forced to eat only cactus. I finally was able to find a woodchuck that I made bite my way through the deadly shackles. I made it out and ran for my life! to be continued............This rendition of my niece's visit to the project is part truth and part imagination. Her number was 24507. Also it was a badger not a woodchuck that severed her restraints. (It's hard to get good help nowdays) ....note to self.....don't let Chloe near my computer ever again.....Rusty

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