Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bailey and the old man

My luck is holding. Bailey, the oldest, came with me to help. And what a help she was! Despite my chronic  lethargy and general aches and pains, she was able to get a tremendous amount of  wood on the walls all the while prodding dad to try and get to work before noon. Her job in the wood shop at college prepared her to work with the wood like a pro. A master cylinder replace on the 75 beetle solved the brake problem. We also attended Jerry and Eva's going away party. Lots of people were there. Followed by a great party at Phil and Regina's. Other than that it was mostly measuring, cutting and nailing. We used some of the cedar scrap from framing the windows to make a viga style support below the upper windows...a kind of catwalk to get to the roof windows on the inside above the kitchen. I, of course, forgot to take a picture. Bailey did a movie walk around with her camera that turned out great. Wish I could figure out how to put it on this site. Karol has officially retired and will probably come out to work with me, and prove once and for all that I indeed do have a wife!   We hung one of the doors that were given to me by Jo and Larry. Bailey's boyfriend Ryan let me have a fantastic front door latch that is so unusual and perfect for this house. I have to continue wrecking out the Wylie house for more material. Hope to return in a month. It will be on Karol's calender now so we will go when both can go.  Seeya .....R .

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  1. You could post the video on Youtube and place a link on the site.