Tuesday, March 20, 2012

forgot to update

My mom reminded me that I had not posted any pictures from my last sortie. I mentioned that I had little to show for my last effort and explained the reasons. So she told me to write that down (I think she believes that if I practice I will get as good as she is at telling stories). OK so I gamble on the weather once again and head out in Feb. Everything was going fine....for three days. That is when it came time to unload the trailer load of wood we had wrecked out of the farmhouse donated by the Wylie's. I planned to use the backside of the wood because the other side had been painted. I took my time and spent a couple of hours at it so as not to pull anything out of whack right at the beginning of my stay. One week later I was able to walk around and start back to work. The picture of the closet is the only evidence of any work that was done on the house, although in my defense, that wall continues on for many more feet. I found myself drawn to my old weakness (not that!) Volkswagens! Got the brake parts out of Austin VW, thanks Johnny Davis. I spent a lot of time working on the Beetle I now call Eleanor (not to be confused another local by the same name). At some time after the back pain had subsided enough to work at least on cars I came to notice that my left elbow had that tennis problem. Anyway some work was done but I was not happy with the overall effort. We will get em next time. Oh yeah I took pictures of the planes spewing out the chemtrails. I had hoped that moving out to BB would get me away from all that here in E Texas. I have a camera full of that stuff, and one picture of the house. Karol was thrilled. and so it goes.........R

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