Monday, January 18, 2010

Test drive

Well since last time I posted, my family and I went to test out the adobe house. We arrived right after Christmas and stayed a couple of weeks. We installed a wood burning stove that our neighbor, Eleanor Foster kindly gave us. The Adobe had lost 13 degrees in the weeks that I was home in East Texas, and was in the high 50's inside. Much colder outside. The stove saved the day and we cooked on it to boot! Ayrton made asphalt impregnated crochet strips to chink cracks with. We installed some tin in the shower, and repaired a leak in the plumbing. In general the house was quite comfortable and hovered in the high sixties to 70 degrees all week. We also dug a septic tank and plumbed that in. We built a table to sit and eat at and fixed up two more beds with mattress and bed clothes. My Mom Norma, came and was a great help . I need to improve the solar water heater and settle on a place for the solar panels. Do more wiring and strap down a couple of pipes but it is definitely livable!

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