Saturday, June 20, 2015

It has been almost a year since I posted anything. A lot has happened I suppose. Sometimes I don't really see the point in putting up these words and pictures. But if anyone checks this site they will hopefully find some images that will please the eye. That is if I can figure out how to load them. I was gone from the project for most of that time. My Mom was having health problems. I returned for a while and worked on a 65 vw for my youngest (she wants something unique to drive around ). I question the wisdom of trading a 2001 Civic for a 65 ..I take that back. I also worked on the porch area of the rock house. I called Mike Engeleman to goad him into coming out and photographing the wildflower bloom and he took me up on it. We spent a couple of days wandering around and taking pix. Found more weird stacked rocks to photograph and some whiskey got in my mouth also. Elenore Foster my neighbor told me that it had been 25 years or so since the last bloom of that magnitude had happened. And even then it was not quite what we experienced this year. Mom took a downturn and passed four days after my return to Kilgore.Still getting used to that. Truly the end of an era. If there is any good in me, then it came from her. I got back in time to show the pictures to her. She looked forward to seeing the progress I had made, on the house. And any unusual photos that I might come up with. I'll be heading back sometime in July. ..........R