Friday, March 18, 2011

Putting on the tin

I waited , watching John Wells blog, until the temps rose above artic levels. Then gambled once again on good weather. Good gamble. Great weather for roof work. I was able to frame in for some windows that had been installed in the adobe. I did not like their look in the adobe and removed them. Not wanting to waste the money that was spent on the windows, of course, we bought the rock house project and found a place for them! Next time I will think that through a little better. Got the tar paper on. Two layers per Dean's advice. And screwed down some metal roofing. Karol rode out with me and helped for 10 days. I took her to the train station so she could get back to East Tejas in time to keep her job in Kilgore! Picked up the tin in Alpine and was able to get it down before it blew away. I'm already looking forward to getting back and finishing the doors and windows to "dry it in". The picture of the ratrod we built for Ayrton has nothing to do with the Big Bend project, but I wanted some of the guys out there to see it. I hope to have the windows ,doors and walls up by the end of the year. Adios.......R

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